Building Modelling
Beta sove, in order to determine most suitable models for your building, takes photos first and prepares a project virtually. Every jamb model cannot be suitable for every construction. A jamb model that is good for a less floored building will not be convenient for a multi-storey construction. 
Architectural Decoration
Jambs is determined as the decorative profiles of window frames, door frames, on the facade between the floors, on empty areas on the facade and other decorative models for attractive building and other kinds of constructions... 
decorative jambs
Facade cladding products, creates an attractivity for your construction and best advantage is makes a good insulation against cold, warm, moisture...
Jambs Production
Aydın Beta Sove focuses on highest roduct quality. EPS blocks we use have 22 density. The sands and chemicals used are supplied from first class companies for producing highest quality and long-life product.. 
Jambs Models
jambs models
Window trims, window sills, gloove profiles, columns, corner profiles, facade cladding, decorative facade cladding, props, keystones, floor moldings, decoarive interior and exterior models...
 jambs models on building
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